Introduction: Computer Power Supply Heater

i was Bord and i had some old computer parts so i went to work.

Step 1: Gut It Out

the first thing i had to do was to gut out the power supply i would be putting the heater coil, power switch and the USB power curciut.

Step 2: Cut the Cords

next i had to trim the cords that i might use later. i tried an led but it exploded and a fan blows the air to fast. so i don't know what ill connect them to just yet. but i later found a USB port and it works just great.

Step 3: Heating Element

then i had to find some sort of heating element so i use an old spring i had lying around. and i hooked it up to a red and black set. cause the yellow cords got it to hot.

Step 4: Heat Shield

i thought it might be a good idea to add a sort of heat shield. so that the coil wouldn't melt the USB circuit. so i took the back of an old floppy drive and chopped it up ad hot glued it into place.

Step 5: Finished for Now

I'm not completely done with this project for now but it work fine. and I'm happy with it for now.

Step 6:

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