Computer Power Supply Heater

Introduction: Computer Power Supply Heater

i was Bord and i had some old computer parts so i went to work.

Step 1: Gut It Out

the first thing i had to do was to gut out the power supply i would be putting the heater coil, power switch and the USB power curciut.

Step 2: Cut the Cords

next i had to trim the cords that i might use later. i tried an led but it exploded and a fan blows the air to fast. so i don't know what ill connect them to just yet. but i later found a USB port and it works just great.

Step 3: Heating Element

then i had to find some sort of heating element so i use an old spring i had lying around. and i hooked it up to a red and black set. cause the yellow cords got it to hot.

Step 4: Heat Shield

i thought it might be a good idea to add a sort of heat shield. so that the coil wouldn't melt the USB circuit. so i took the back of an old floppy drive and chopped it up ad hot glued it into place.

Step 5: Finished for Now

I'm not completely done with this project for now but it work fine. and I'm happy with it for now.

Step 6:

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    zachary phillips
    zachary phillips

    8 years ago

    We'll I understand what I am doing is dangerous and I am learning as I go so thanks for the words of wisdom Ps. I've shocked my self plenty of times and I'm still in one piece


    I know you are keen but dealing with electricity (especially the potential energy in a PSU which will potentially stay charged for quite some time) is extremely dangerous.

    Your ability is clearly lacking ("i tried an led but it exploded"), I would suggest you study up a little about electricity, resistance, capacitance and safety before trying something like this in the future.

    There are plenty of places to learn about electricity safely online, a google search or even a look at this very site may lead you to the knowledge you need.

    Don't be discouraged by my words, quite the opposite - take the design you have, find out what is causing the LED to explode, the 12v line to cause the coil to overheat and the potential damage an exploding PSU or capacitor discharge can cause.

    Be safe out there :)



    8 years ago on Introduction

    A little Dangerous unless properly shielded with Metal.

    if you have any ideas of stuff you would like to see made please tell me here in the comments