Introduction: Contact Lens Solution DIY

I was sleeping over at a friend of mine, but I forgot to take my contact lens solution. I looked on Google if i could find how to make DIY contact lens solution, and luckily i did. So here it is!

Step 1: What Do You Need???

- a cup with boiled water
- a little bit of salt
- something to put your contact's in (can also be two little cup's)

Step 2: Put the Salt Into the Water

Put the salt into the water

Step 3: Put the Salty Water Into the Lensholder

Put the salty water into the lensholder (this is so easy it almost feels silly to post ;)
And let it cool down.

Step 4: Put Your Contact's In!!!

Put your contact's in the cup's!

Step 5: Warning

It works verry good for one nigt. but do not use this every day!!!! Than your contact's could get to dry.