Introduction: Container From Recycled Milk Carton

I learned this from my Mom. These are great for freezing left-overs, packing your own lunch or funky gift giving!

Step 1: Materials

You'll need one standard milk carton
box cutter
pencil or permanent marker

Step 2: Cut Top Off

Measure 1 cm down from the top edge of the carton body. Mark an horizontal line on each side. Be careful, knives are sharp! Cut along these lines through all four sides. Remove the top and discard.

Step 3: Cut the Retention Band

Measure down 2.5 cm from the new top edge. Mark an horizontal line at this point on three sides. Cut along line through three sides. Leave band attached to one side of carton body.

Step 4: Measure and Cut Flaps

Measure up 9 cm from bottom of carton, make a mark at corner junction. Make a cut from this mark, through the corner up to the band.

Step 5: Your Carton Looks Like This

There should be three flaps and one flap with an attached band.

Step 6: Fold Flaps

Fold three side flaps down evenly into the cavity of the carton.

Step 7: Fold Down Retention Band

Finally fold down the last flap with the retention band. Work the band down around the side of the carton to form the closure. And Voila!

This is my very first instructable! Please comment! And I hope you will enjoy!