People search for stuff at Instructables all the time. Sometimes they find what they're looking for, and sometimes they don't. But there are a few common how-tos that come up often enough that make us wonder, "why don't we have an Instructable on that?"

The answer is because no one has written one. But you can change all that.

In round six of burning questions we got great info on "How to Divide" and "How to factor." Now as good as those two instructables were, it made us realize that there's a whole lot more math how-to's that we'd left out.

In an effort to start with the basics, below is a list of "wanted Instructables". Write an Instructable about one of these topics and you will be eligible to win an Instructables Burning Questions Prize Pack consisting of an instructables robot t-shirt, a robot patch and a Burning Questions bumper sticker! Plus, one winner will receive a TI-30XS Multiview Calculator.

Be sure to provide a great Instructable and give it the same title as it appears in the list. Please read the full requirements below before entering.

Wanted Instructables:
How to Add How to Subtract How to Multiply Adding Fractions Subtracting Fractions Dividing Fractions Multiplying Fractions Decimal to Fraction How to Graph Multiplication Tables Area of a Circle Area of a Cylinder Volume of a Sphere Volume of a Cylinder Surface Area of a Sphere Circumference of a Circle

- The Instructables have to be of very good quality. So include well written text, plenty of details, original pictures, and provide a thorough answer to the question. If they're lousy (you know when they are), your project won't be allowed into the contest.
- The Instructables have to include their own original images taken by you, the author. Instructables comprised of images found online will not be allowed into the group. There are many applications you can find that will help you make equations, DragMath, Open Office Math Editor, MathCast, LaTeXiT, and a slew of others should ensure your instructable is as easy as possible for others to follow.
- They have to be titled exactly as they appear above. Why? Because that's what people are looking for.
- They have to have a publish date after 2009-01-27.
- They have to be on the list! Only Instructables answering questions on the list will be admitted to the group.

If multiple users decide to answer the same question, we'll pick the Instructable that answers the question best and declare them the winner. So make sure that your answer is the best it can possibly be!

That's it, so go forth and hunt down the answers for some of these Burning Questions! Once again, the title needs to be the same as it is in the list!

Official Rules

The Burning Questions Round 6.5 is closed.

Grand Prize

18 Prizes

Grand Prize

Winner who best answers a question from the "Wanted Instructables" list will receive a TI-30XS Multiview Calculator, an Instructables robot t-shirt and a Burning Questions prize pack consisting of a Burning Questions bumper sticker and a robot patch.

First Prize

Winners who answer questions from the "Wanted Instructables" list will receive an Instructables robot t-shirt and a Burning Questions prize pack consisting of a Burning Questions bumper sticker and a robot patch.
How It Works

Write an Instructable

Create a new Instructable that fits the guidelines outlined in the contest description above. To be eligible, Instructables must be published between Jan 27, 2009 and Feb 10, 2009 (11:59pm PT).


Upon publishing your Instructable you'll see checkboxes for open contests. Select Burning Questions Round 6.5. If you have entries currently eligible for entry, it will also show up by clicking "Enter this Contest" on the right side of this page.


Entries are accepted by Instructables staff within one business day Monday - Friday. What matters is the submission time, not acceptance time.


A panel of judges made up of Instructables staff and respected members of the community rate the finalists. The averages of the ratings determine the winners.


When the winners are decided they will be notified and announced here on the contest page.