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Making an epic project is always something to be proud of, but Epilog and Instructables want to push you to stretch yourself, and make something truly excellent!

.spacer {height:15px; float:left;clear:left;}To encourage the making of amazing things, we're hosting the Epilog Challenge '09. Make something awesome with a green twist and win a Epilog laser cutter! The form of awesomeness is entirely up to you: your project can be on any subject, using any components, and in any field. Just use your skills to make something incredible, share it on Instructables, and you can win one of the most truly incredible and versatile tools available: a Zing Laser from Epilog! To make it even better, this contest is open to entries from all over the world!

What is a green twist? In honor of environmentally friendly design and Instructables' Green Year 2009 initiative, we want to see at least some clearly described green component in the design, no matter how small. Simply detail some way your design is energy-efficient, reuses materials, or is helpful to the environment in some way. It doesn't have to be the primary theme for your project - we just want to encourage green thinking at all stages of a project, no matter how small. Whether you're picking LEDs over incandescent lights, making maximally efficient use of scarce resources, or dumpster-diving for materials, it's these little steps that add up to permanent change.

So, make something truly great and win the Zing Laser from Epilog! With a laser cutter it's easy to get precise shapes out of your materials, and prototype quickly and efficiently. A laser cutter can get you from design to perfectly cut and etched reality in just a few minutes. With a tool such as this you can make or alter cool objects with a minimum of waste - it's the green way to prototype and design.

We're also giving away Ponoko gift certificates to the first and second prize winners. Use Ponoko's excellent service to turn your designs into reality with their own laser cutters! At the end of the contest entry period there will be a one week period for user voting. The 15 finalists will be composed of 10 entries with the top votes plus 5 selected by Instructables staff. International entries are eligible! More than one Instructable can be entered per person.

(Official Rules)
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The Epilog Challenge is closed.

Grand Prize

15 Prizes

Grand Prize

The Zing Laser - Low Cost, High Performance Laser Engraving and Cutting System

First Prize<br />(4 winners)

$100 gift certificate to make anything you want with the laser cutters at Ponoko.com. Also an Instructables Robot t-shirt, patch, and stickers.

Second Prize<br />(10 winners)

$50 gift certificate to make anything you want with the laser cutters at Ponoko.com. Also an Instructables Robot t-shirt, patch, and stickers.
How It Works

Write an Instructable

Create a new Instructable that fits the guidelines outlined in the contest description above. To be eligible, Instructables must be published between Feb 18, 2009 and Apr 19, 2009 (11:59pm PT).


Upon publishing your Instructable you'll see checkboxes for open contests. Select Epilog Challenge. If you have entries currently eligible for entry, it will also show up by clicking "Enter this Contest" on the right side of this page.


Entries are accepted by Instructables staff within one business day Monday - Friday. What matters is the submission time, not acceptance time.


A panel of judges made up of Instructables staff and respected members of the community rate the finalists. The averages of the ratings determine the winners.


When the winners are decided they will be notified and announced here on the contest page.