Summertime is perfect for spending time in the garden! Whether you're growing food and flowers or shrubs and trees, all plants need care, compost, water, and a bit of love to grow just right. We want to know everything about your garden, big or small - how you choose and care for plants, build a window box, take advantage of local conditions, construct an auto-watering system, or simply make your garden beautiful. Collect your best gardening skills, advice, creations, or tips and tricks, then put them in an Instructable for our Get in the Garden Contest and win an amazing indoor composter from NatureMill.

NatureMill brings composting to the home user. It is essentially a miniature in-vessel system. Waste is collected right where it is generated-in the kitchen. A computer controls the temperature, air flow, moisture, and mixing to accelerate the process and eliminate the backbreaking work. Everything is fully self contained in a modern, attractive container. Just a few square feet of floor space is required. No special plumbing or electrical connections are needed, other than a standard electrical outlet. There is no need to handle and transport the rotting material.

Best of all, NatureMill provides home gardeners with a source of rich, organic fertilizer. And there is something uniquely satisfying about witnessing the entire food chain: from the garden, to the dining table, and back to the garden again.

So, want to win a PRO model of the NatureMill composter and start making compost from your household scraps? Then share your gardening knowledge and help out all the other people out there who are still working on their green thumbs. As usual, we interpret the theme broadly - no matter the size of your garden, if it involves anything green and growing we want to see it!

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The Get in the Garden Contest is closed.

Grand Prize

9 Prizes

Grand Prize<br />(1 winner)

Compost your food scraps easily with the Nature Mill PRO Edition.

Also an Instructables Robot t-shirt, patch, and stickers.

First Prize<br />(3 winners)

Leatherman Hybrid Gardening Multitool to solve all your gardening problems.

Also an Instructables Robot t-shirt, patch, and stickers.

Runner-Up<br />(5 winners)

Instructables Robot t-shirt, patch, and stickers.
How It Works

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Create a new Instructable that fits the guidelines outlined in the contest description above. To be eligible, Instructables must be published between Jun 3, 2009 and Jul 19, 2009 (11:59pm PT).


Upon publishing your Instructable you'll see checkboxes for open contests. Select Get in the Garden Contest. If you have entries currently eligible for entry, it will also show up by clicking "Enter this Contest" on the right side of this page.


Entries are accepted by Instructables staff within one business day Monday - Friday. What matters is the submission time, not acceptance time.


A panel of judges made up of Instructables staff and respected members of the community rate the finalists. The averages of the ratings determine the winners.


When the winners are decided they will be notified and announced here on the contest page.