A prop is something you hold that adds a wow factor to your costume. It’s the finishing touch that sets you apart from the orange-capped plastic gun-slinging cowboys out there. Could Star-Lord lead the Guardians of the Galaxy without his alien gun? Would Spiderman leave the house without his web-shooter, or Leela without her Wristlojacimator? We think not. Now is the time to put your prop-making skills to the test. We want to see you get creative with latex, cardboard, metal, or any material that suits your needs. Enter your best props for a chance to win a Fein Oscillating Multi-Tool, Samsung Smart WiFi Camera, or other awesome prizes.

Confused about what qualifies as a prop?  See the definitions we are using here.

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Grand Prize

20 Prizes

Grand Prize (1)

One Grand Prize Winner will receive:

Judges' Prize: Best Weapon (1)

One Judges' Prize winner for the best weapon will receive:

Judges' Prize: Best Non-Weapon (1)

One Judges' Prize winner for the best non-weapon will receive:

First Prize (3)

Three First Prize winners will receive:

Second Prize (5)

Five Second Prize winners will receive:

Runner Up (9)

Nine runner up prize winners will receive:
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