This is Halloween! Our favorite time of the year!

Whether you are just enjoying the spooky season at home or going all out with your costume, decorations, and tasty treats, we want to see the fun ways you enjoy Halloween.

This year we have 7 Judges' Prizes with a $500 Gift Card prize for each!
- Epic Costume - a costume that takes a lot of planning, materials, and/or time to create
- Easy Costume - a costume that can be completed in a shorter amount of time
- Kids Costume - a costume for a child
- Mask - worn over all or part of the face - hats only count if they cover part of the face as well
- Prop - something that is held / goes along with a costume
- Decoration - should sit on its own and be Halloween-themed
- Food - recipe/food project

We look forward to seeing the many ways you make and celebrate for Halloween!

The Halloween Contest is closed.

Grand Prize

36 Prizes

Grand Prize

One Grand Prize Winner will receive:

First Prize

Three First Prize Winners will receive:

Second Prize

Five Second Prize Winners will receive:

Judges Prize - Epic Costume

One Judges' Prize Winner for Best Epic Costume will receive:

Judges Prize - Easy Costume

One Judges' Prize Winner for Best Easy Costume will receive:

Judges Prize - Kids Costume

One Judges' Prize Winner for Best Kids Costume will receive:

Judges Prize - Mask

One Judges' Prize Winner for Best Mask will receive:

Judges Prize - Prop

One Judges' Prize Winner of Best Prop will receive:

Judges Prize - Decoration

One Judges Prize Winner for Best Decoration will receive:

Judges Prize - Food

One Judges Prize Winner for Best Food will receive:

Runner Up

Twenty Runner Up Prize Winners will receive:
  • 50$ Gift Card
  • Halloween T-Shirt Prize Pack
How It Works

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