Our Let It Glow! Contest rewards you for lighting up the night with a bright lights and a rainbow of color. The light source and what it's mounted on is completely up to you. Make something truly amazing, and win one of dan's awesome new MonkeylectricLED bike wheel POV lights! We're going to be giving away eight Monkeylectric m132s light sets, 12 throwie kits, and 20 t-shirts! You don't want to miss this one!

Dan Goldwater, a co-founder of Squid Labs and Instructables, has been seriously bitten by the lighting bug - check out more of his awesome LED Instructables. His most recent project has been integrating LEDs into bike wheels, and the m132s is the bright, blinky result of his efforts. Attach the m132s to your bike wheel and watch amazingly colorful patterns emerge - you've never seen anything like it.

Dan has a special offer for Instructables members: get 15% off your purchase at monkeylectric.com through the end of June! Just use the coupon code INSTRUCT when you check out. Get your own revolutionary bike light, and stay visible - and in style.

(Contest instructions and official rules)

The Let It Glow! is closed.

18 Prizes

First Prize (2 winners)

A set of two (2) m132s bike wheel lights and an Instructables Robot t-shirt

Second Prize (4 winners)

One (1) m132 bike wheel light, and an Instructables Robot t-shirt

Third Prize (12 winners)

LED Throwie kit and Instructables Robot t-shirt
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