Introduction: Convert an Archos 5th Gen Battery Dock for a 604

here i have made a small instructie on how to convert an archos 5th gen battery dock to work with a 604 as i had an archos and been givven the battery dock for nothing and i needed it for holiday i had nothing to loose i started by pushing the archos onto the battery and realised it would charge and connect to the computer but it wouldnt fit on the battery correctly as the 5th gens we sligly thiner so ther i was with me decision lets cut them off

Step 1: What You Will Need

this next step is chooseing your preferable tool for the job me i just used a stanley knife as the battery dock is only soft plastic but you could use the following

. stanley knife my choice
. files

Step 2: Cutting the Plastic Clips Off

the best way to achieve this step is to cut close together cuts down the plastic as seen in pic 2 make shure its a new blade makes it easyer to acheve this and then to turn it up on its side and then cut down it they should come off easily then its just the matter of shavin the plastic untill you have a soft edge to it and repeat with the second clip the same and there we have it you can now attach your archos 604 will work with the wifi version aswell

Step 3: The Finished Product

here are some pictures of it all finished and working just like it should the only thing that im not shure will work or not is the usb port on the side to connect a usb stick or compatable device but it charges faster and it gives me the option to connect it to the tv and computer and an extra battery time