Introduction: Cooling Tray for a Laptop Made Out of Knex (no Weird Peices)

this is my first instructible so be considerit. as the title says, its a cooling tray for a laptop made out of knex with none of those weird pieces, all basic pieces.

P.S. even if you dont want to do this one, you NEED a laptop tray, you dont want to burn out ur hard drive and have to buy another!(i learned the hard way)

k, i did get the base idea from flio191 but the design is all me.

Step 1: Step 1

Step one is building the base. build wats in the picture. just build the first, all the other are just close-ups

Step 2: The Standy Thingys

build four of them.

Step 3: The Bar

now build the bar that keeps your laptop from sliding towards you.

Step 4: Put It All Together

put it all together, stert with the leg thingys and then do the bar.(the third pic is just looking at the back, this is where you connect the bar.

Step 5: Congradulations

You Finished, test it out, petty sterty huh! thanks for reading and please comment.