Cosplay 10th Doctor

Introduction: Cosplay 10th Doctor

I got most of my stuff from a thrift shop.

Step 1: The Suit

you need a striped jacket. every where I went they had one so it may be easy for you. you don't need matching pants. You can get some or you could get black/dark jeans

Step 2: Tie

you need a maroon tie that looks like this

Step 3: Accessories

I got my sonic screwdriver at Amazon. and the rest I made besides the glasses

Step 4: Inside Shirt

this one was easy to find

Step 5: Trench Coat

you don't need one but I was going to use this for other reasons so I got one. they are really hard to find in thrift shops. you need a dark brown or a dark color

Step 6: Hair

this one was hard. my dad had to help me do this one. I sprayed hair spray in my hair when my head was down. when you spray it and you like it how it is blow dry it with a blow dryer. then your done

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    7 years ago

    wow, wish I could look this good... but hey, I've got the 3d glasses part of it right now!!! (I literally have a dozen of them!)