Introduction: Crochet Kimono: a Formula

As the weather gets colder I like to wear the half finished kimono I made and have yet to get around to finishing. The soft yarn and blanket like sleeves make it a joy to cuddel up in or to wear out and about when the wind turns cold!

Rather then give detailed instructions on a specific pattern I'm going to show you how to make a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. So I'll be showing you how to figure out how big it needs to be, what to google to find a fun stitch or motif, and give some great tips on how to make it fit just so.


Step 1: What Measurements Do I Need

This can be harder then it should be mostly because a lot of people aren't taught how to find where to measure. We are going to start with our sleeves. For our purposes we need a measurement from the point where we want the sleeves to end to the point where they start; do you want them to reach your wrists or to completely cover your hands? Now is the time to decide. While your at it think about how deep you want them to be; I think the proportions work best when they are at least long enough to be square but you can figure out what works best for you.

Next take a measurement from the top of your shoulder to where you want the hemline. Finally we need to measure the widest part of the body. For guys this is probably just under the armpits unless you have a big belly-belly. For gals it can be where the boobs are biggest just above the nipple, your belly, or your hips.

Step 2: Starting to Crochet

Now that we have our measurements we can start crocheting. Start a foundation chain whatever way you like so that it is half the length of the measurement from your widest part. Hold it up to where you took the measure from and check to make sure you are going to have wiggle room. If it doesn't look like you are going to have enough wiggle room add on to the foundation chain and re-check until you are SURE you are going to have enough. From here you use whatever stitch pattern you like to create the bit that goes from the top of the shoulder down to just under your shoulder blades.

Now you can check your sizing again. Does it cover the width it needs to? If the answer is no at this point your probably going to add some side panels latter, but for now keep working until you reach the length you wanted from shoulder to hemline and finish off your last stitch. Go back to the foundation chain and work from the shoulder to halfway minus 5 stitches. Work your stitch pattern adding onto the inner edge until the front panel is the same width as you back panel. From there just keep going until the panels are the same length. Do the same for the other shoulder panel.

Step 3: Side Panels or No Side Panels and Then a Collar

If you need more wiggle room you need to figure out how much more room you need. Put on the kimono so the foundation chain sits on top of your shoulders and the front panels hang down your front. Use your hand to hold the front together then measure the gap on one side. Make two scarf shaped strips wide enough to each fill the gap on their side. Sew them into the gaps. And try on the kimono. Everything should hang well so now measure how wide you want the collar to be. You can make the collar like a scarf or just work from the edges of the kimono the choice is yours.

Step 4: When My Sister Did One She Went BIG!

Here is an up close and far away view of the one my sister did its floor length with sleeve that are HUGE, somewhere around knee length.
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