Introduction: Crokinole Board

Fun game for the whole family

Step 1: Cutting Pieces


5/8 plywood cut a square 28 inches by 28 inches. With the square you have made cut it into an octagon. Now you have your base.


The circle is 24 inches in diameter. I used a router and made a compass jig to cut the circle.


This depends on your choosing but you will have to make enough trim pieces to go around your octagon. I used walnut on mine and made them about 3/8 thick and 2 inches wide. The angle for them to be cut to fit around the board is 22.5 degrees. I also rounded the top edges for comfort using a router.

Step 2: Assembling

Note: Make sure you dont glue the circle until the very end.

Wrap glue trim around base. Lay the circle within and with a pencil mark where you want it to go. Remove circle and put a 2 coats of clear coat on it. At the same time clear coat the area of base which will not be covered by circle

Once two coats are dry on the circle you can mark your lines. I used a sharpie and made a compass jig out of wood. The two prier coats of varnish are not necessary i just did it to stop the sharpie from bleeding into the wood.

Once lines are complete finish with as many coats of varnish as you like. You want the top to be smooth and slippery.

When ready you can glue circle into base.

Step 3: Final Touches

Measure and mark holes for bumpers. cut small pieces of clear vinyl tubing to fit over screws. Screw in screws just enough so they are taller then the puck.

Drill a hole in the middle of the circle the diameter of the puck.

You can buy the pucks at various stores. I bought mine at lee valley tools.

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