Introduction: Crosman 1377 Diy Bolt Probe Lighter Mod

crosman 1377 diy bolt probe lighter mod to extend the probe further in so the pellet gets a better air flow. 
i seen a video about using piano wire to extend the bolt probe and i added a longer probe to the bolt 
but i wanted to make it better so i thought of using a lighter's gas nozzle as a probe . i drilled out the tip
of the bolt probe with a 16th inch drill bit make sure to keep it centred i drilled it out about 1 to 1 1/2 mm
dont go to far or you could break the bolt probe were the O-ring grove is .once drilled out take apart your
disposable lighter and take out the O-rings and the nozzle keep the other parts for other projects. 
use the larger oring for the transfer port on the side were it meets the barrel take your lighter nozzle 
and cut it so its about 6 mm long.  sand the side of it  till it fits in the 16th inch hole you drilled in to the bolt probe then 
wipe it off and glue in the nozzle with good super glue or epoxy.
tools i used were
1/16 inch drill bit
flat head screwdrivers
600 and 300 grit sand paper
rotary tool
metal file