Crossbow Bolt

Introduction: Crossbow Bolt

after I finished my crossbow i needed bolts but I couldn't find any good instructions that would fit on my crossbow so I decided to make my own bolts.

Step 1: Things Needed:

You will need:
- gluegun
- scissors
- duct tape
- screws
- crossbow
- straws

Step 2: The Shaft

cut your straw to the desired length. my bolts are 12.5 cm or almost 5 inch.

Step 3: The Tip

For the tip I used a screw. The screw is almost an inch long but you can use a bigger screw as long as the head of the screw is slightly bigger than the straw. Just put some glue on the head and apply it to the shaft.

Step 4: The Back

Apply a piece of duct tape to the shaft.
I used 1 inch but as always you can make it bigger, it depends on what you like.
After that, fold the tape over so you create something that looks like the finished product.
To make it complete, just cut the tape to desired form and you are done.

Step 5: Finished Product:

Plussides of the bolt:
- Cheap to make (items are probably already at home) .
- Lightweight (can be a downside).
- Still pretty good bolts (mine even got stuck in wood with a pretty weak crossbow from a distance).
downsides of the bolt:
- Can break easily (if shot against a hard object).
- sometimes annoying to remove because of the screw.

Thanks for using my instructable!

(never use these bolts(or any other weapon) against any living objects. it can cause serious damage or even death if used wrong. I am not respondible for any damage or any other problems that are the result of (wrongly) using this project.)

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    Colonel Hogan

    what you can do is instead of using a screw use a nail so it wont get stuck


    Reply 7 years ago

    i found a steel rod which i sharpened and cut to length it works pretty well i wanted to use nails but unfortunately i couldn't find any so i ended up with screws.