Introduction: Custom Fitted Gel Insoles

About: I'm that guy from that place who built those things

Here is how to make fitted gel insole made just for your unique feet, for about 20 bucks.  fitted orthotics are about 300 bucks


1 pair of your socks
2 tubes silicone caulking (a pack of 3 tubes was 10 bucks from a hardware store, you may need more is your feet are bigger then mine.  I'm a size 9.5 mens)
1 small bottle of glycerine (5 bucks from a pharmacy, this will do about 3 or 4 pairs)
caulking gun (5 bucks from a hardware store)
a cardboard box
1 old spatula or paint stir stick

your hands and feet will get a little bit sticky

note the caulking will smell strong like vinegar but it should be non-toxic, if the smell bothers you, move to a better ventilated area

Step 1: Silicone Caulking Set Up

1st step.

squirt out all the silicone caulking from one tube on to a piece of cardboard. one tube will do one insole.  If you feet are bigger than a mens 9.5 you might need to add another half a tube.

2nd step.

add about 5 drops of glycerine for every ounce of caulking (if you dont add the glycerine the silicone will not cure all the way through and you will have a cured surface but a uncured middle) and mix thoroughly with spatula.

the warmer your work space the quicker the cure time but you should have about a 20 min window before its starts to cure.

Step 2: Setting Up the Moulding

3rd step.

turn inside the socks and put one on your hand.  scoop up the caulking (like a snow ball)

4th step

Now carefully turn the sock right side out and try to keep all the caulking at the sole of the sock

5th step
squish the sock to even out the caulking and even out the sock material ( if you dont even out the sock material you might get folds set in, which might be uncomfortable)

make sure you spread it out enough for you foot size and make sure most of the caulking is at the heal and arch areas.

and repeat for other sock

Step 3: Molding Your Feet

6th step

place socks on a piece of cardboard, wait a few minutes for the caulking to start to firm up a little bit. 

now step on the socks so your foot is centered and keep your feet in position for a few minutes.

7th step

now carefully remove your feet.  (your feet might stick)
if the caulking is not holding the shape of your foot, you might need to massage the caulking back into place and retry

make sure to wipe off your feet good before walking around, the glycerine or caulking might make your feet slippery

UPDATE.  I'm going to try placing a piece of plastic wrap or a shopping bag, on top of the insoles.  so when I mold my feet, my feet will not stick to the insole.  After it starts to set, gently peel off the plastic.

Step 4: Curing the Silicone Caulking

now just put in a warm ventilated place to cure.  it might take a day or 2.

Step 5: Trimming to Fit

note before you start trimming, make sure its cured

now center your old insole over the new and trace it out.  trim off excess material with some scissors.

now you have it cut to the right size you will have to slightly tapper the sides so the bottom will be just a little bit narrower then the top.  this is so it will fit better in the shoe.

now you will put the sole in your shoe or boot and see how it fits.  you might have to take it out and fine tune it by removing a little bit of material.

Step 6: Conclusion

now you have insole fitted for your feet for only 20 dollars

mine feel and fit awesome. 

I've had these in my work boots for almost 2 months,  these feel so great.  My feet are very happy