Introduction: Custom Printed IPhone Case

have you ever seen a picture online and though that it would look great as an iPhone case? here is how to do it.


  • clear iPhone case
  • laptop with photoshop (or other photo editing software) and word
  • a picture
  • scissors
  • hobby knife (optional)
  • pastic adhesive paper (optional)
  • packaging tape (optional)
  • printer

Step 1: Making the Image

  1. choose a picture that you like
  2. download an iPhone case template for your iPhone -
  3. open both the picture and the template in photoshop
  4. place image under the template and size it accordingly
  5. if the picture is too small color the parts that remain transparent
  6. save as png

Step 2: Re-sizing

  1. open png in word
  2. resize image (for iPhone 4 the hight is 11,2 and the width is 5,8)
  3. for other phones just measure the edges of the phone with a ruler
  4. make sure that you have cropped the image to the there is no extra white space around it or the measurements will be off

Step 3: Printing

print your picture

Step 4: Cutting

cut your image out and carefully remove the black edges of the template

Step 5: Make It Durable (optional)

cover the image on both side with adhesive clear plastic and cut out the excess. this can also be done with clear tape

this step is optional but it makes the image durable and shiny

Step 6: Cut Out the Camera Hole

remove the camera hole from the image. i prefer to use a hobby knife but this can be done with scissors too

Step 7: Done

pace it in your case and put the case on your phone!

now make loads and change them every day!

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