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Introduction: Customize Your Phone

I thought my phone to be a bit boring, but nice phone cases are only avaidible for the I-phone
so I used some contact paper to make myself one.
I'f choosen a wood print, but its available in every color.
also on my blog :

Step 1: Supplies

you'll need:
-phone or other device
-stanley knife
-contact paper

Step 2: Cut

Cut a pice of contact paper, it has to be bigger than the cover, the edges are round and you can always cut away excess.

Step 3: Paste

pull the back of te paper of and put the case upon the sticky side, and press it flat.

Step 4: Cut Again

cut with the stanly knife the paper away at the places you want uncovered.
Cut in the corners so you can fold them around

Step 5: Finish

you can blow the corners with a hair dryer to make them more flat.
now your done!
If you dont really like it, you can just pull it of, again is the hair dryer usefull to soften the plastic a bit so you can peel it easier

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10 years ago on Introduction

The edges are a bit messy but that's to be expected with this sort of vinyl.
If you search for "wrapping vinyl" or "3M D-noc" on eBay you can buy small sections of this specialist vinyl that, when heated, will easily form around complex shapes.


10 years ago on Step 5

very nice.. I use a corbon fiber sticker to make a new look of my crappy phone.. :)


10 years ago on Step 5

NIce instructable :)
you can also use a hot air gun instead of a hair dryer
will be trying it on my older phones.


10 years ago on Introduction

That's gorgeous. I'm going to need to do this to my iphone. It's very old and the back is not very pretty anymore. :)