Introduction: Cute Paper Lantern

  • Things you'll need to make this
  • tape
  • a square sheet of paper
  • 3 different color LED's
  • a battery(i used a 9v battery because the wiring gets simpler this way)
  • a 9v battery snap
  • scissors

Step 1: The Folding

  1. First fold the paper in half from one of it's corers to the other(first picture)
  2. then fold the triangle you got in half so you get a smaller triangle(second picture)
  3. and then fold it in half again so you get a smaller one(third picture)

and then draw arcs starting from one side and cut along them stopping just a little way from the other side

so you don't cut it all the way

then unfold the whole thing

Step 2: Adding the LED's

Now hold the top with four of it's tips and tape them together

then pinch the other end and pull it so it stretches and takes shape

then pick three or four LED's and twist together the like terminals don't let opposite terminals touch or it wont work.

twist on the battery snap's wires to the two terminals

put the whole LED assembly in the lantern part and plug the battery on

Now you can hang it up where it'll look nice

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