Introduction: #dalgona Coffee! (Perfectly Copycat)

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#dalgona, do I really need to write about the story of dalgona?

While COVID was virally spreading across the globe, dalgona was storming in the Internet all over the planet!

So, Let’s go directly into the making!

*** Please read though the description given across each picture, to understand stepwise through pictures ***


For making one glass of #dalgona coffee:
Instant coffee powder - 2 teaspoon
Sugar - 1 tablespoon (as per ones taste buds)
Hot water - 50 ml
Ice cubes - 5-6
Boiled milk(Hot/Cold, any specification) - 150ml

Step 1: Making of the Creamy Top Layer!

1. To a bowl, add coffee powder and sugar
2. Add hot water, to the coffee and sugar mixture
3. Whisk the content, until it turns creamy soft

Step 2: Layering!

1. To a glass, add ice cubes at the bottom
2. Pour milk on to the glass
3. Now, slowly layer the creamy content on top of the milk

Step 3: Final Touch!

Sprinkle coffee powder onto the top(optional)

Step 4: That Craziness for #dalgona!

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