Darth Vader Log Burner

Introduction: Darth Vader Log Burner

thought i would share

Step 1: Bored at Work...what to Do?

one afternoon while waiting for a job to come in i decided to browse the internet...having stumbled upon a picture of an awesome darth vader log burner (coincidentally on this site) i decided to give it a go...here are the results

Step 2: Spare Bottle

i had a large 47kg gas bottle hanging around my workshop..so decided this would have to do. unfortunately i didnt take too many pics so a lot of the details of the build are not documented. i began by drawing out the main characteristics of the DV mask..then cut out using a 4.5" disc cutter (1mm disc)

Step 3: Adding Features

once cut out, i started using whatever scrap i could find to build up the main features of the mask/helmet. i use a 400amp mig welder here in the shop...the lower range is a little too powerful for thin gauge material like this but i gave it a go ( i should have used my tig, the next one i will)

having never done this before i made plenty of errors in the build, however, ive learned from them so the next build will be quicker and easier.

once the face mask was complete, i decided that more detail was needed to fill up some of the space below the helmet...so i built a control box out of scrap 3mm plate and bolts

Step 4: Tarting It Up

i added some grill mesh to the eyes...just thought it looked nice.

finished off with matt black UHT paint and then it was good to go....by this time a fella popped in and bought it on the spot..not bad for a bit of down time fun :)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very impressive work! That's so cool that somebody just walked in and bought it!


    Reply 7 years ago

    I couldn't believe my luck tbh...ive got orders for 2 more as a result..ill post pics of the new ones


    Reply 7 years ago

    Thanks...im working another 2 of these as a result of selling the 1st one...hopefully ill get them looking pretty cool