Introduction: Dayquon and Da'rron Robot

this is our Robot and all the parts we will use to conduct our project.

Step 1: Building the Sled

we used 11 keps nuts
3 stand offs
14 8-32 1/2 screws
and 4 bearing blocks to hold everything together

Step 2: Finding a Battery

step 2 was to find a battery that was hard to do because people were takeing all of them but we have one and our Robot runs well.

Step 3: What We Used to Put the Robot Together

this is the gears and it is a 36 tooth gear,60 tooth gear and a 12 tooth gear
how this is going to impact our speed its going to make our robot faster so we can carry more weight

Step 4: What Wheels We Used

these are the wheels that we are useing for our robot is called the 100 millermeter to help with the weight we are carrying.

Step 5: How We Build the Base

This is how we builded our platform we used
Chaissis rail
15 hole angle Bar
kepts nuts
8-32 screws
we used long sqare bars front and back so the wheels could spin more cordinated

Step 6: Robot Without Weight

This is our Robot when we don't have the weights it moves really fast at the speed on lighting.

Step 7: Robot With Weight

this is our robot when we have our weights on the robot that can carry alot but it goes slow when we have them on.