Different Verson of the Plastic Bag Rope




Introduction: Different Verson of the Plastic Bag Rope

this is my first instructable so be gentle. I saw that instructable on how they recycled plasticbags and made rope out of it so i decided to do that because we all got bags in that little corner of our kitchen so any way when i saw how they did it, it made me think how strong it was the way they were cutting it so like everyone else on this website i made little changes here and there to make it better (so i think) so here it goes. and i got the idea from this instructable

Step 1: Step 1

this is how much blade you need to cut the bag once you get a good cut going in the right place then it just peals in a straight line

Step 2: Step 2

your going to want to make the first cut underneath the handle

Step 3: Step 3

ill let the boxes do the talking

Step 4: Step 4


Step 5: Step 5

after you have made the first one the desired lenght twist and brade, wheave, whatever but you got to twist if you want strength otherwist it will stretch and rip easly.

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    i am typing with plastic bags in hand, and iam stuck how to make the knot (center picture, 3rd down) thanks! I have an army of people ready to do this!!


    14 years ago on Introduction

    Cool! Much easier for me to explain, the other one was hard. Nice job!


    14 years ago on Introduction

    This is a neat idea. However I would check your spelling on a couple of things.