Introduction: Disassemble a Seagate FreeAgent 320gb (2.5inch) External Hard Drive

I looked around on the net for info on these hard drives and couldnt find any info on what was inside or how to take it appart, so I took the chance, bought one and took it appart to find its what I needed inside...
(sorry for the poor quality of the photos)

Step 1:

So I looked around for a screw hole... nothing under the sticker or feet, you need to carefully insert something between the 2 plastic halves.
I used an ipod opening tool which seemed to work quite well be careful about breaking the plastic locking tabs along the back and side

Step 2:

once the back and side tabs have been losened the hard drive can be pulled up and slides out.

inside is a seagate (obviously) momenus 5400.6 SATA drive (which info I could not find anywhere!)

Step 3:

to reassemble repeat in reverse!