Introduction: Diy T10 Led Light.

Here i made my own t10 led light. they are used in car dashboards, headlights etc. yes you can buy them. But i had all the parts and totall cost of 50ct per led lamp.

Step 1: Parts and Tools.

parts for 1 t10:
2x plcc2 leds
1x 420 ohm resistor i used 560ohm.
2x small pieces of pcb
1x small piece of copper wire.

wire cutters
soldering iron
40/60 solder

Step 2: Pcb

measure your std t10 and cut your pcb to size. Cut a small piece for the top.

Step 3: Soldering.

solder the 2 plcc2 leds in series. Add the copper wire to one side and solder it to the longer piece. You need this for strength. Do the same to tge other side with your resistor. Add some hot glue for more strength.

Add some more solder to the bottom of the long pcb for contact points.

Step 4: Testing

test your freshly made t10. And fit them in whatever you want. Totall cost for me was about €0.50ct for 1

Step 5: