How to Build an Awsome Deadmau5 Head



Introduction: How to Build an Awsome Deadmau5 Head

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Final step this is what it looks like after working on it for 3 days

Step 1: What You Will Need

you will need a
1) 14" acrylic globe I found one at a lighting store and was about 10 dollars and
2) 2×1 insulation foam board that was 4 dollars for the whole board
3) dremel with a cuting disk and a sanding drum attachment
4) for wrapping the ears I used old sleeves from a sweatshirt from when I was bigger
5) 4" styrofoam ball
6) you could wrap the head in fabric but it didn't work that well with me so I used black hockey tape for the head
7) a kitchen strainer I used this to get the mesh for the mouth but you can also use normal flat mesh
8) threded rod and nuts and washers
hot glue gun and glue
9) spray adhesive
10) head attachment from a construction helmet

Step 2: Measuring

First take your globe and divide it into quarters then measure where the mouth is and the ears and make lines
(this is important so the head looks symmetrical)

Step 3: Cutting the Mau5head

This is self explanatory after you mark the mouth and neck hole cut them out with a cutting disk on a dremel take this step easy because the acrylic globe will be less rigid after cutting
next is cleaning the cuts with a sanding drum and the flat sand it with a sanding block to get a flat line across

Step 4: Lips and Mesh

*1) I used the same foam for the lips and used the plastic I cut off from the mouth to trace the inline then I added half an inch around and cut the half ring on my scroll saw I don't have pictures of this because I was excited to get it done
*2) for the mesh I used the same plastic mouth cut out to trace on the calender I had then cut it out using metal sheers then I cleaned up the cuts with the sheers
*3) for the mesh covering I used an old black shirt I had that was to big on me and traced out the mouth piece
*4) I used spray adhesive on the mesh then stuck it to the fabric and let it dry then cut the extra fabric off
*5) I started shaping the mesh to fit inside the mouth
at this point I didn't glue it down yet

Step 5: Ears and Attachment

1) I traced a rough ear shape on cardboard then cut it out and trace it on the foam then cut the ear on the scroll saw after making sure it fitted good I traced and cut the second one
2) I took the threded rod and cut 4 5" peices and then drilled holes in the ear to attach the rod
3) then I used hot glue to attach the rods by putting hot glue in the holes then pushing the rods in until I got the desired depth

Step 6: Adding the Fabric to the Ears

1) I slipped the ears into the sleeves of my massive sweatshirt I had and then when it was tight I traced the ears outline and then cut the extra
2) I took the sleeves off and sew the inside of the line from the top of the ear and left the bottom open
3) then I put the sleeves back on and cut the extra from the bottom then I hot glued it to the bottom where it wouldn't show when attached to the head

Step 7: Wrapping the Head

At first I tried wrapping it with the same material as the sleeves but it didn't work out as clean as I wanted

I then tried with another type of thinner cloth but it wrinkled to much and I didn't like the way it looked

I got bored at trying then found some hockey tape which is basically fabric tape but tougher and then started adding strips from the center to the sides of the head then I added strips from the side to make it look as clean as it does now and the same goes for the lower lip and full head

Step 8: Drilling Holes for the Ears

After measuring where the ears should be I marked the holes for the rods and then used a slightly bigger drill bit than the actual rod to make instalment a little easier

Step 9: Attaching Ears and Head Attachment

After putting the ears in the holes I used existing attachment stuff on the head piece and bolted it all together to the ear studs as shown in the picture I couldn't use the whole construction helmet because it was to big so I opted for the attachment inside and it works great for me

Step 10: Eyes

I used a styrofoam ball which I cut in half and carved some of the sides to make it arc in the middle so it could sit flat with the surface of the head I then hot glued them in place and added thin black hockey tape to the eyes and made the litter x

Step 11: Optional : Sound

I used my old bluetooth speakers which where small and compact but very loud

I took them apart and attached the speakers to the sides where I had a lot of room then I drilled holes where the speakers where going to be and hot glued them there

I then glued the circuit board and battery and other speaker the same way

then the aux cable between the speakers was added and glues in place and now I had loud music in the head and was clear on the out side

Step 12: Done

Enjoy your head

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    7 years ago

    Thanks a lot as a true deadmau5 fan I had to make it a step better