Introduction: Diy Duffle Bag From a Messenger Bag.

About: I'm Ligiya. I like instructables they are seriously addictive. like even if I don't make them I still love them, they give me ideas like crazy.
I have been wanting to do an upcycle for a while, and I also wanted a duffle bag so I just combined the ideas.

Step 1: The Things You Will Need.

Seem ripper
Measuring tape
needle and thread
sewing machine (optional)
two bags you don't mind disassembling.

Step 2: Step 1

take the seem ripper and go to town on the seems. keep all the pieces just in case. be careful not to make the same mistake I made and take apart outside zippers if you want to keep them. including inside zippers, or pockets. also make sure you keep the zippers from unzipping all the way. It's is not fun trying to put it back together, learning from experience -.-"

Step 3: Step 2

Put your bag together to see how you want it. I placed the design in the middle, and wanted to keep things simple, while also having a bit of a style. When you get the pieces where you want it pin them together. be careful with the pins they will stick you like no ones business, and you don't want droplets of blood on your beautiful bag.

Step 4: Step 4

begin sewing your main pieces together.
start with your main blocks. the two black blocks with you decorative block. place the surface you want facing out ward face down on to the decorative block. sorry I didn't get any pictures of it, my phone wasn't on me when I started sewing. preferably you want to use a sewing machine but you don't have to. Use your needle and thread, and use a back stitch to sew the pieces together. if you aren't using the same method as I am then make it as pretty as possible. if you are using the same method as me don't worry about it being pretty, the handles will cover your imperfections. After you sew the blocks together, do the same for your back panel, and then move on to sewing your handles on. from the bottom to the top. be sure to sew it on both sides of the handle edges, so its sturdy, and it doesn't tear. Afterwards, you sew the bottom on. back stiching is the best way if you are using your trusty needle, and thread, but I suggest using a sewing machine cause its faster, and much stronger.

Step 5: Step 5

sew on your zippers. :) its hard, but using your sewing machine it is quite simple. if you have a grandma that sews be not afraid to ask for help. My grandma loves when I ask for help she feels involved lol. warning not all grandmas like to help lol. I already knew how to use the sewing machine so it was just a matter of getting the zipper on snuggly and making sure the zipper doesn't fall off its track.

Step 6: Step 6

sew on your circles. this takes a lot of patience, and a lot of turning. be very careful because it will curve up on you, and its hard to keep it straight. but it is possible, and with a little perseverance, and a seem ripper at hand in case of mistakes. you will get it. but if you want squares instead be my guest lol, I just like a challenge. if like me you have a little extra that's okay, just keep sewing it, and then sew the line from the zipper to the circle. if you don't have enough use some scraps, and sew it to cover the gap. trial and error is what you get sometimes. that's what happened with me.

Step 7: Final Step

sew on your strap. its actually better if you sew it on when your sewing your circle but I'm dumb, and forgot to but it still came out pretty well. I used a different setting on my sewing machine, and got a nice thick stitch. its kind hard to get in there but totally worth it. its very strong, and I filled my bag with clothes, and other stuff, and it holds very well.

Step 8: Now Step Back and Look at Your Masterpiece.

I have 3 pockets. the main pocket. the side pocket, and then the inside pocket. I just messed around with those, as an experiment, so I didn't include it. This is my first instructable, please be gentle. haha. I did show the pictures of my pockets I'm pretty happy with my end result, ans hope this is helpful. Also I hope you get it done my much more smoothly than mine. there are some kinks in my project adjust to fit your own needs. thanks for viewing, and hopefully more to come. I'm working on another bag haha, it should be much smoother than my first one.