Diy Soldering Workstation.

Introduction: Diy Soldering Workstation.

i have obtained an arduino, been a hacker all my life in spirit. give me something to take apart and i will.
so i got a soldering iron and have learned how to use it, however the entire time i havent had a proper stand to use the thing with, so after a few drops and burns, i said i need to make somehting now!!! found the piece of wood and was just going to put two nails into it in an X fashion. couldnt find any nails!!!
however i have been taking apart busted stereos just for practice and to get parts(POTS!!!) and i have this giant heatsink.

SOOOO i decided to screw it onto the board, with some steel wool stuck underneath for cleaning the iron tip. then i added the solder tube dispenser and folded a fin around it and taped it secure.

and voila!!!

when the iron is live, i wedge it in by the handle part so the heat sink doesnt suck the heat out(its efficient!!)
then when i'm done, i slide the iron inbetween the fins so the heat gets dissipate that way rather than having a hot iron sitting around.
(upon further thought on the matter i wonder if the heatsink cools it too rapidly.... we shall see and update if need be)


1 ATX hacked PSU for bench top power supply
1 exhaust fan for fumes.
1 magnifying glass on extensible arm.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    just had an AMAZING session with my station. definitely worth my time and effort in making!!!

    i feel like ive been blindly stabbing around in the dark before this thing.

    further update, i need to add ALLIGATOR CLIPS in some sort of extensible fashion.