Introduction: Diy Wall Snowboard Rack

this instructable is how to make a snowboard rack out of scrap acrylic glass, so you can hang them on the wall.

if you don't feel comfortable working with heat/torch and power tools this might not be the best one for you.

Step 1: What You Need

2 pieces of acrylic glass around .25 inch thick, 3 to 4 inches wide and 24 or so inches long.

butane,propane,or mapp gas torch or a heat gun.

clamp to hold acrylic sheet while you drill it.

4 to 6 screws long enough to mount these to the wall

drill and bit that is smaller than the head of the screws you are going to mount it to the wall with.

piece of scrap wood to bend the heated acrylic around. should be ~1 inch wide or so.
you can use this same piece of scrap wood to clamp the acrylic to when you drill it.

Step 2: The Acrylic

you can get acrylic at lowes or home depot or window places, and often they will give you the scrap.

i got 4 pieces of .25 inch 4 inch wide 24 inch long for free.

if you need to cut your pieces you can score it with a awl or razor knife allot and then snap it.

Step 3: Getting It in the Right Shape

do this step in a well ventilated area

the fumes are probly not good for you.

mark your acrylic about 6 inches from the end, this is so that it will hold your board securely.

hold or clamp it upright and play the flame over it very carefully.

dont touch the flame to the plastic, just the heat from it. when the acrylic starts to bubble you are getting that spot too hot. run the flame back and forth til it starts to soften. stop heating it and test it to see if you can bend it easily. if you can bend it easily bend the acrylic around the scrap wood so that it makes a good gap. hold it there til it starts to harden.

take the acrylic off the wood and hold it so that it is wider at the top than the bottom a little so its easier to get the board in and out of the hanger.

keep your fingers a way from the hot spot!

once that is done, do the other one just the same.

Step 4: Drilling the Holes

Acrylic is a pain to drill so clamp the piece to the scrap wood and put your bit in the drill.

hold it steady and drill your holes

i put three in but 2 could probly work

Step 5: Mounting Them on the Wall

find a good spot to put them and measure them so that they are level and will fit either between or outside your bindings, if your board doesn't have bindings, ignore that. try to mount them into a stud so that they are secure.