Dodge Luge 100% Homemade

Introduction: Dodge Luge 100% Homemade

very dogg this luge is made of sh*t that i had in my garage and other sh*t i had built before

Step 1: Tools and Materials


1. Hammer
2. skrew driver (4 wat ever kind of skrews you have)
3. drilling machine (electric is way easer)
4. drill bits for the skrews
5. ruler of tape measure
6. pencil


1. a plank longer than your body (the thicker the better)
2. old skateboard
3. wood board (i used old cuboard doors)
4. other planks for reinforcing (if your first plank is to thin)
5. steel angle or other steel for reinforcing the first plank
6. wat ever skrews and nails you can find

Step 2: The Wheel Base

i skrewed the trucks onto the long plank to form the wheel base and give me the main boby of my luge.
i also discovered that the long plank was to flexable.

Step 3: The Seat and Foot Rest

now climb onto the luge and figure out where you are most comfortable. my foot rest was about 4 inches from the front. now find were your a*s goes and locate the board there. place a brick under were you are going 2 skrew the board down.

because of the truck being located were it is i had 2 make a T shape with the footrest to skrew it down.
i put a skrew about every 20-25cm apart.

Step 4: Back Rest

the back rest that i made was made from a plank that i used for reinforcing that by luck it had a block on it and i used it to raise the back rest.

Step 5: Reinforce the Wheelbase

her is where i used the steel.
i used two peaces that we had removed from our ceiling long ago and stored in the roof of our garage.
i lined up the holes as best as possible and used coach bolts to fasten them down(up) .

Step 6: The Parachute

this is an ad-on for if want to stop and the box is a good head rest.i skrewed the box down and inserted the kite and bar ib there places.
i used a 8square meter kite that i made and it did not work will (as a kite ) for the parachute. i used the bar for a spreader bar out the back of the luge to make the kite open. and the deployment device is a simple sain netting adaption. the one side of the parachute pulles out first then the other side pulles tight in the wind and stops you. mine weighed 21.5 kgs

Step 7: Da End



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Not bad. Correct the grammar and stuff and you should be fine.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I am gonna make one kind of like this, just I'm gonna use longboard wheels and trucks instead, and I'm gonna make some other changes. other than the spelling, it is a good Instructable.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Longboard trucks will make the worlds difference. You could also use cheap trucks with rollerskate wheels.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    does the wheel has hard or soft urethane?????? would you prefer a scooter whell which has a soft urethane? i would


    Though this looks pretty interesting and fun, instructables has a policy about using grammar and proper english...

    So for a start turn the caps lock off for that last step, use the spell checker and avoid using text language or 1337 speak...

    Your pictures are pretty decent which is good because that's where people usually have problems...

    I added a few keywords to help people find your instructable.

    I'd also suggest re-writing the intro to the 'ible


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Woah nelly I posted a constructive comment...

    Remember staff-ish thing, part of duties...
    We've had this conversation before... When you saw the featuring...