Introduction: Download Flash Games and Play Them Offline

This guide will teach you how to play online games offline.

Why you would want to do this:
The offline game works with fullscreen.
You can have a big collection.
You can play them offline.

**Highly recommended

You need:
A computer (windows/linux/mac)
Firefox (
*adblock plus (
flash player (
**flash player projector

I direct linked the zips. The flash player projector link is:
Linux users go here
Windows users go here
Mac users go here

Note: I use ubuntu linux, but the end result and build are the same on all platforms.

Step 1: Install Software

You need to install this for this guide to work.


Firefox (
*adblock plus (
flash player (
*flash player projector (linux/win/mac)

Step 2: Get the Swf

A swf is a flash game.
We will use adblock plus to get the swf easily.

Open your online game and move your mouse over it.
You should see a block tab.
DON'T CLICK IT, right click and save link as.
Then save it to your desktop.

*or you can save the whole page by : File > Save page as.
*Then find the .swf in the folder for the file.

Step 3:

Open the file you just downloaded in the flash player projector.
Then in the file menu select create projector for the final game!

**Or you could open it in your browser and F11 for fullscreen.

Step 4:

You are done!
The new offline game works with fullscreen too!
Now you can also have big collection!