Introduction: Dremmel Bit Holder(or Drill Bits,adapters, Etc Etc)

This may not be a great instructable, but in my own personal experience i tend to get inspiration from simple projects i come across like this one. Maybe you never thought to do this,or maybe you get a better idea how to do it. So this is why i am submitting it.
I have three different dremmel sets and im constantly losing bits because i forget which box it came out of, plus the cases are big and i wanted to consolidate a little. So this was my idea to fix that without spending any money whatsoever.(I also made one for all my adapters for guitar cords,headphones etc. see picture.)
I have quite a few more holes to drill,but for the instructable i left it at 23 or 24 holes.

Step 1: Supplies

tools needed
4 wood screws(1 1/4")
4 hex nuts
scrap plywood or(i used the scrap end of a bannister rail for one)
tape measure
drill/screw gun

Step 2: Cut Your Wood

its pretty obvious what you need to do,but ill explain any how.
measure the size you want the face to be, trace or measure to make a second identical piece. drill holes through the face using the same size bit as whatever you plan to have it hold. I suggest using a size smaller and tilt the drill around 2 or 3 times to open it up a little. this will make the pieces fit snug so they dont fall out.

Step 3: Drill Holes

lay the two pieces on top of each other and drill a hole in each corner a little smaller than the screws you will use to hold it together.

Step 4: Put It Together

place a nut or whatever you are using as a spacer in one corner and put your first screw in. continue the remaining corners the same way. and thats it your done.

Step 5:

you can add a hook at the end,or in my case i used part of a keychain. you could stain it,paint it,airbrush it etc. anything would be more creative than my sanding job :)
Hope someone gets inspired by it or creates one themselves.