Dual Loading Panintball Hauler



Introduction: Dual Loading Panintball Hauler

This is an instructable for simple cheap way to make your own paintball hauler whitch is otherwise be like $20 or so if you get one in the store or online. So here we go.

First the materials:
- a driveway salt container w/ spreader
- an emerald nuts container
- hot glue gun
- a miter saw
- a dremmel tool
- sandpaper

Step 1: Step1 Salt Container

Empty ot the salt container either on your driveway or somewhere else dipending where you live. You can wash it out if its messy in there but if not just leave it. On the cap you will see a lid, open it and you will notice the salt shaker bars to spred the salt around. You will have to cut all those out with the dremel and smothen with sandpaper. After that you will then have you dual loading system ready. Now you can add paintballs from the lifting the lid or unscrewing thle top cover of the salt container.

Step 2: Step 2 Nut Container

Take the nut container, make sure that the Emerald sign on the cap is strait meaning you can read it left to right. Ont the part just before the grve on the container mark a 45° angle where you will cut it. I used a miter saw to do my cut. After you have cut it sand it down till smooth and even. Place the sandpaper on the table, put the cut part on it and have at it until you are satisfide with it's shape. Then with the Salt container, on the front side center the cut part of the nut container, then trace it. This will be the hole for that the paintballs will go thro. Cut along it an smothen.

Step 3: Step 3 Putting It Together

What I did to "marry" the two was to actually place the angle of the nut container inside the salt container just a little to stablize the nut container in order for puting hot glue around it easier. Put glue all around it, it does not matter if its not perfect just as long as it is sealed all aroud. Do the inside too, just aroud the jaged edges of it so that it won't damage the paintballs. You could also dremel/sand the edge so it is flush with the salt container if you prefer.

And presto!! You have your very own paintball hauler to organize your paintballs for the fraction of the price. You can paint it put stickers on it whatever you like.

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