Introduction: Duct Tape Flip Flops

these are awesome shoes that that take about 10 minutes to make at the most.and i made them and i am an 11 year old so the cant be that hard to make :-).

Step 1: Materials

Materials :duct tape and........ wait thats it!

Step 2: The Base

first you mesure your foot and cut a peice of duct tape to that length. and then you put peices of duct tape across it horizontilly where you want your feet to rest. make sure that everything is sticky side up.

Step 3: Adding Layers

now comes the boring part adding padding:-(. now you just need to add layers to the duct tape until you are satisfied with its padding.

Step 4: Adding the Strap

now you need to take a peice of duct tape twice the size of the size that you want the strap to be. take that peice and fold it in half  so that both of the sides are smooth and then attach it to the base and the you should have a flip flop.

Step 5: Addding Personality

now once you have made the structure of the awesome flip flop you can put designs on it with a permanent marker.

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