Introduction: Duct Tape Boat [transparent]

this   instructable ill show you how to make an duct tape boat.
you can make this with Scotch Tough Duct Tape but use an transparent one.
its isn't remote controlled just in controls itself 

Step 1: That You Need

you will need :

1 roll of duct tape
some wooden sticks


for the electronic:
1× 12v fan
1×9v battery
1×9v battery holder

Step 2: Bottom

cut down four of the wooden sticks at 15 cm (5.9 inches).
then cut  down 10 cm of the remained pieces.

Step 3: Front of the Boat

now we will make the front of the boat.
cut down 2×10cm of the wooden sticks.
then put it in triangle to the front side of the bottom plate like on the picture.
after stick them to each other and also stick  the  to the hole between them. if you did it stick the triangle(that you have made)to the bottom plate.

Step 4: The Sides

cut down 5×5 cm tall sticks and fix them down to the corners . if you have finished join them whit duct tape. don't forget the corners .

Step 5: Upper Front Side

this step is very similar to the third.
make that triangle twice.and stick it to the sticks that you left standing.

Step 6: Curcuit

put the battery holder on the battery. grab the  red wire and directly connect to the fan's red wire.
grab the black wire and connect it to the switch' s first connector. the black wire  of the fan is connected to the second connector of the switch.( look at the second picture  to know witch is witch)
then place it into the boat

Step 7: Make It Waterproof

use an household film (like on the picture) to make it waterproof cover.cover the body of the boat. do not cover the fan !!!!
after you covered, fix it whit some duct tape.

Step 8: Enjoy!

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