Duct Tape Case for Flip Phones




Introduction: Duct Tape Case for Flip Phones

This case is easy to make and will protect your phone.

You will need duct tape,phone,and scissors.

Step 1: 1st Step

First get 2 pieces of duct tape and put them together side by side.
Then flip and put 2 on the other side. (make sure its even)

Step 2: 2nd Step

Place the phone on the tape and trim it down but leave a little extra on the sides and top in the bottom.

Step 3: 3rd Step

Cut a piece of duct tape.
Then cut it in half long ways.
Take one half and cut 2 inches off and stick it on the sticky side of the other one.
Then rap it around i put my under the samsung symbol.

2nd part
then cut 2 pieces of tape.
then cut 2 inches off again and sick it on the same wayand rap it around the bottom part

Step 4: 4th Step

Now there is extra tape on the bottom.
Cut a piece of tape not long.
Pinch the middle of both right and left ends and flip the top and bottom in and stick the tape on to it so it stays folded.

Step 5: 5th Step

Cut the tape in the back so it is even all around.

Step 6: You Are Done!

Now you have a duct tape case for your flip phone.

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    14 years ago on Step 6

    duct tape shoes please i like the idea with the tape and all but how about more designy i like designs


    Really cool! ...I don't have a phone though. Lol But, I'm diabetic and have an Insulin pump the size of a cell phone... and the case is broken, so I'm going to make it a duct tape case! Thanks :) A suggestion for you in the future- You know what? You should make a loop on the back so you can put it on your belt? -Briana


    14 years ago on Introduction

    ... Dude thats my phone like 2 days ago my friend and my teacher bought one too. so much for being an indavidial...nice instructable