Introduction: Duct Tape Doll Dresser

This dresser is made out of craft duct tape and is self-supporting with three large drawers. The dresser is for American Girl dolls or any other doll collectable. 


My Mom told me to use MATH to help me, so I decided to use my journal paper that was 5" x 7" as a measurement tool.  The long side (approximately 7") was used for the length of the individual drawers.  I then marked a half way mark with a pen on the paper to use as a measurement for the depth of the drawer (about 4").  I made sure that I marked the exact measurement with a pen on the duct tape and cut each piece (front side of the tape) exactly 7".  The backside of the duct tape was overlapped (more than 7" long) so that I could connect the panel to the sides, or bottom of the drawer panels.  I overlapped each piece by at least 1" on each side.  SEE PICTURE OF MY TOOLS I USED FOR MEASURING.

As the drawers were assembled, I needed to know how big to make the bottom of the drawers.  My Mom told me to put together the pieces of the paper to make the perimeter of the piece.  I used two sides of the 7" (length of the paper) and two sides of the half measurements (about 4") and made a rectangle (7" x 4").  SEE PICTURE ATTACHED.  I undertook the same steps as above (overlapping the backside of the tape to attach to the panels).

I made three drawers using the steps above.  Now....I needed to make the frame of the dresser.  My Mom suggested that I use the same rectangle I made for the bottom of the drawers, but make them at least a half an inch bigger  This way, the drawers would fit into the frame.  I used this method to make the top and bottom of the frame.  I overlapped the back of each panel to be able to attach it to the next panel.

Next, I needed to make the sides of the frame.  I eyeballed that.  I knew I had to make it longer than the length of the drawers piled on top of eachother.  I also knew to have space in between.  So, I added the width of the duct tape twice to the length of the drawers piled on top of each other.  This allowed me to make the length of the two sides of the frame.   The two side panels were made with the overlapping tape to attach to the top and bottom panels.  

We decided that the dresser needed a back to support the dresser upright.  I knew the length of the back frame panel would be the same as the sides.  I layered the tape the same length as the sides until I had a piece that was larger than I needed.  I overlapped the duct tape on the back (later realizing that I didn't need this step).  I then placed the frame on the back panel and traced the corners to give me the exact measurement I needed.  I cut the back panel and taped all the sides to the top, bottom and sides of the frame using the same color of the frame (pink!).  

Now it is complete.  It is self-supporting; however, you can later add cardboard to the panels taping over it using the same color if you feel it needs more support.  I just liked the look of this artsy dresser.
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