Introduction: Duct Tape Hammock/cot

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For the duct tape contest, I made a duct tape bed.This was a fun thing to make but, you have to make it to your size.I made mine about 5'5"in. long because im 11 and not very tall so...enjoy.

Step 1: Parts

heres what you need to make it

Around 3 rolls of duct/duck tape

2 3ft.ish thick dowels

around 10ft. of rope to be safe


Step 2: Laying the Duct Tape

So you need to decide how long you want your hammock to be,i suggest about a foot longer than you because remember it will stretch.In picture 1 I show you how i did it with olny one person.

Step 3: Layering the Other Side

So you obvious dont want to be laying on the sticky side of duct tape so, you need to layer the sticky sides together.Just make small 2ft. lines of duct tape and lay them up the cracks of the other duct tape to make a solid mat.

Step 4: Oh, No!

This is just a few of them mess ups i had but,dont let them make you quit!

Step 5: Finishing Up

So, it wont make a good bed without something to hold it up so, thats where the rope and dowels come in. Cut your dowels to the length you want (the width of the mat) and line them up to make sure their the right length. Then tie rope to the end of the dowels to hold up the hammock and duct tape the rope so it dosn't slide.The last step is taping the dowels to the mat just attach it withas much duct tape as you cant so you dont fall.

Step 6: Finished!

Yay! your done! I hope you enjoyed making this as much as i did. ACTUALLY

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