Introduction: Duct Tape Wallet


In this instructable i will show you how to make a wallet out of duct tape! i know there are a lot of tutorials for duct tape wallets but i couldn't find one witch looks nice and hase a pocket for cash. So i decided to make it all myself! and this is the result. I hope you like it. if you dont like some parts you can make it different like the way you want it to be.

i use my wallet now for real becous you can make it the size you would like to. you can use all collors of ductape or even one with a nice pattern. you can even make a transparent card holder if you put some pease of plastic or transparant tape at that point.


Step 1: The Materials

this wallet is realy easy to make and you doesnt need many materials for it. The basics are duct tape and a knife.



some kind of pushbuton (optional)


cutting board (or anything you can cut on)


scissors (or just tear the tape with your hands)

Step 2: Step 1: Making the Main Compartment.

first make some strips at the lengt a big longer then the biggest bill you can get. Then stick those strips onto each other so you will end up with a big sheet of take all with the sticky side up. i had to use 5 strips to make it as long as 2 credit cards with an extra strip.

then strart putting tape on top of the sheet you just made (picture 4). start halfway the first strip so there will be a narrow strip empty. Go on by putting tape on it until you are at lowest strip and then leave a half strip empty again.

now fold over the extra strips. and then you have a big sheet of not sticky tape. this will be the material you use to make the whole wallet. this sheets are prety strong and water proof.

fold this sheet in half and then cut off the rough edges. now its fold in half you have to tape it to hold it like this. make 2 strips at the length of the folded sheet. And stick it on to make the sides closed. if you do that on both sides you are done. now fold the pocket you have in half again and put something heavy on it to help it keep its shape.

Congretulations! You are done with the first part.

Step 3: Step 2: the Credit Card Pocket

now lets make a pocket for the credit cards. i only made one to keep the wallet as flat as posible but you can make multiple layers to make it easyer to pick a card. if you want that you just follow the instructions but then sart over again and put a little bit smaller one on top of it.

you start by making a sheet of tape again but this time as big as 1 creditcard(if you want the card holder to be transparand, do it now). (piture 1-3). if you have a sheer cut the edges and then lay your sheet on top of a credit card but leave the top. then fold over the sheet so you know how big it hase to be. (picture 4-5). then lay it on the main pocket you just made with the folded live along the bottem side of the main pocket. now just tape it in place.

now fold up the sheet and tape it there also.

You're done now!

Step 4: Step 3: the Coin Pocket

Now we will make the pocket where you will put your cash.

Again start by making a sheet as big as the half side of the main pocket (look at picture 4). lay it the main pocket and fold over the extra (picture 5). now tape it on to the main pocket by putting tape on to the folded piece (sorry no picture).

now take 2 strips a bit longer then the coin pocket will be. take one trip and cut it to make the strip narrower. stick this narrow stip in the middle of the second strip so you will have it like picture 8. now fold it in half and stick the small sticky part on to the flap of the coin pocket.then push the flap down and stick the other side on to to the main pocket. (picture 11). repeat on the other side and then you're almost done.

Step 5: Step 4: Coin Pocket (flap)

you will start by making a small flap again. 1 or 2 strips long. now you have to pull the other part of the coin pocket up but that hase to be easy. then stick on the flas that wai you will keep like a half strip to flap over. in this part you can put a push butting if you have or you can use velcro. after that you are done!!!

CONGRETULATION! you just made a duct tape wallet!

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