Introduction: Dyson, Roller Bypass. Hairproof!

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stop your bagless cyclone ball design hoover from smelling like burnt hair and molten plastic.
flat material,(i used aluminium but a plastic rule will work.)
an old windscreen wiper (or  something squeegee style)
hot glue
car body filler
something to cut your flat material
t8 driver(persistence with a flat head will do the job)
side cutters or scissors
spatula (optional)

incidentally its mums birthday today

Step 1: Self Destruct! 'we Have Patented That As Well'

hair got near the non drive end tangled and created heat melting the plastic that holds the bearing. if replacing bear in mind they will only sell the complete head (including motor roller case) cost about £50,

Step 2: Free Stuff!

using a t8 driver dismantel the head most screws visible underniety ,2 are hidden beneath rubber flap bit, pry this out.remove all the electrics you can use these somewhere else.

remember when hoovers had one motor that did everything.

Step 3: Get Your Shell Out

once dismantled you'll have something like this. notice where plastic overlaps , yuo dont want to fill in these spots.

Step 4: Vax1 Dyson0

using some thin material (i used aluminium) make an oblong and rougthly hot glue in place then put some thinner strips in to form a triangle shape with a gap pointing toward the sucky hole. this step really doesnt have to be that accurate.

Step 5: Yeeee Haaaaa!

mix up some body filler and paste it about the metal , making it airtight along the seams, when set it will securly hold the metal in place. idea befor it sets offer up the bottom of the shell to see in anything collides which shouldnt.excess filler can be pushed out the way and you get an idea where youve got to cut the notches for the roller guide.

Step 6: Could It Possibly Suck More

i added a windscreen wiper blade cut to length, to act as a front air seal .maximising the suction in the pick up area.this was rested on the notches previously cut for the roller guide hot glued then filled around .then cut notches for the roller guides out the rubber.2 snips per guide with side cutters then pull the middle out.

a, sticks out about 5mm from b.

Step 7: And There You Have It.

put the head back together , i needed to put a little bit of hot glue at the ends to seal the shape.

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