Introduction: ELock (Intel Road Show)

During the Intel IoT Road Show ,Tokyo on 17-18th October, 2015, team Ants hacked a normal bicycle to make it smarter. Specifically we have developed a smart lock system called "eLock".

Step 1: Preparations

Hardwares we used (please note that the Hackathon organisers provided kits below except the miniature bicycle):

  • A miniature bicycle
  • Intel Edison (Standard Power on Board Antenna + Arduino)
  • Grove Starter Kit Plus
  • 3D printer

Softwares and programming environments

  • Server: IBM Bluemix
    • Communication MQTT: IBM IoT
    • Node-RED
    • Database: SQL DB
  • Mobile Development (on Android)
    • IDE: Android Studio (Java)
    • Libraries: facebook-android-sdk, universal-image-loader, volley
  • IntelEdison Development
    • IDE: Intel XDK (NodeJS)
  • 3D prototype of eLock development
    • 123D Design
    • 3D printer provided by DMM.MAKE

Step 2: Development Steps


We chose Node-RED on IBM Bluemix Server because it is very oriented for IoT development. You can just drag and drop nodes for programming. Moreover, Bluemix supports MQTT which is used for communication between the bicycle and user.

Mobile development was done for Android,

The logo for eLock is "e" which stands for the Edison ;)

Step 3: Prototype

Here is a working model for miniature bicycle