Easy Knex Quadruped Walker

Introduction: Easy Knex Quadruped Walker

this is my first instructable so i hope you like it!
basically, this is a knex quadruped that walk. its very easy to make and that why i wanted to share it!

Step 1: Part List

i wont name them all but there are the images:)

Step 2: The Main Assembly

do this 2 times.

Step 3: The Motor

assemble it to the motor like this.

Step 4: Legs

make the legs and attach them

Step 5: Optionnal Thing

this is an optional thing i added.

Step 6: End

now that you have your knex walker, you can , if you have a cat, attach a rope in the back then start it! your cat will propably love it!
comment and let the photos of yours!

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10 years ago on Introduction

i attempted to make a theo jasen (if i spelled it correctly ) with legos but its not really that easy.