Introduction: Easy Bottle Nozzle Made Out of Scrap

pouring liquid from a bottle is messy sometimes i mean the liquid spills run by the body of the bottle mouth, even for oils they just stuck on the bottle cap grooves. so there are bottle nozzles for these problems but they are hard to come by in my area and bit expensive to use. so i came up with this idea to make bottle nozzle out of scrap. u can use it for chemicals also coz i made it air tight way. Even it can used for liquor bottle

Step 1: Instruments

Insulin syringe

soft drinks bottle

hand drill or electric drill

15/64 drill bit, its a good size for the insulin syringe

plastic glue gun

needle & thread



Step 2: Preparing the Syringe

take the plunger out from the syringe. dont throw the plunger. coz we will need the rubber of the plunger

Step 3: Preparing the Bottle Cap

i used a drill bit 15/64 in a hand drill u can also use electric drill. i used hand drill coz here there is no need for power just some swing of the hand drill is make a hole in the bottle cap. but dont make the hole as shown in the pic it gives a everted edge in the other side which is tuff to clean and i want to push the syringe from that side so gives me trouble. so its easy if u just make the hole from inside of the cap so its much easier

Step 4: Attaching the Syringe to the Cap

now insert the syringe through the inner side of the cap, but don't push the whole syringe keep it at the middle as shown in the pic. now put some plastic glue at the junction of the hole and syringe to make it air tight. now push the whole syringe up-to the last end before the glue gets cold and hard. Now keep the syringe end for some time to settle the glue and the end point of the syringe. Now the syringe it tightly fixed with the cap plus its air tight.

Step 5: Almost Finished

now u r almost done. attach the modified cap to the bottle and test it with any kind of liquid. its simple cheap but cool.

Step 6: Finishing the Air Tight Mechanism

now take the rubber out from the plunger. and use it as a air tight cap for the syringe head. i bind a thread using needle and attached with the syringe body so it wont get thanks hope it helps