Easy Gas Rocket




Introduction: Easy Gas Rocket

hi my name is mayur.this is my first instructable and its a rocket .hope you like it

Step 1: Theory

In this rocket(which can be used as a demonstration of internal combustion engine)derives its power from burning alcohol vapour which is ignited using a spark

Step 2: Materials

you need 
a small soda bottle
a gas lighter
some pieces of aluminium foil
hand sanitizer or pure alcohol

Step 3: Construct

Put a few drops of alcohol in the bottle and vaporise it.insert the lighter into the bottle and secure it (fill the gap using foil of some thickness ) so that it is air tight.the foil is to be rolled round the lighter.And you are done. 

Step 4: Launch It

just press the lighter and the bottle launches

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    interesting, some more detail is probably needed unless the construction process is extremely simple. perhaps also see about a similar set up but with hydrogen and oxygen mix(from electrolysis of water) in the bottle, it could well be more powerful as i believe that the hydrogen+oxygen reaction releases more joules of energy per mol of reactant. another tip would be top rebuild the lighter so that firstly it fits the bottle better and also you can fire it from the end of a wire a few metres away. good to see a rocket on here that is something other than a pressure system.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    sorry for the late response


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    greetings mr ?. as for your sugession getting the hydrogen into the bottle is a head ache and i would be screwed if i messed the lighter as its my mums and i operate on a tight budget(rs600 ,ie $<10 in the present exchange rate) but the "distance ignition" is a good idea.i might as well do it.thanks