Introduction: Easy Home Made Toy Car

hi this is my first instructable ao yoy will need
1:one bar.b.q stick
2:one cell holder
3:one AA cell
4:one plastic container
5:two plastic bottle caps
6:one battery conected two the tyres like the one shown in the photos

Step 1: First Take Out the Tyres From the Motor

first take out the tyres from the motor.sorry I couldn't take out the second tyre but when you guys make it so take out the both tyres

Step 2: Install the Motors and Tyres in the Plastic Container

install the motors and tyres in the plastic container

Step 3: Now Make the Back Tyres

to make the back tyres take a bar.b.q stick and make holses at the back of the plastic container
and put the bar.b.q stick through the holes and make holes in the bottle caps and stick tape to their ends so the don't get out like shown in the picture

Step 4: Now Join the Cell Holder With the Motor and Wire

now join the cell holder with the motor and wire

Step 5: And It Is Ready

and voila your home made car is ready.plz I am participating in re use contest so vote for me