Introduction: Easy Ice Ball

I wanted a ice ball maker after having one of the ice spheres that it makes put into my drink i loved it considering how long it last so i went online to price them they are way too expensive for my blood so i came up with this and a very good outcome..enjoy

Step 1: What You Need

1. an exacto blade
2.ball pit can get a 100 pack of these at walmart for 28 bucks my daughter has hundereds so i used one of hers
4.freezer..of course.

Step 2: Next Step

take the ball and find the seem

Step 3: The Cut

now take your exacto and cut a small opening on the seem about 1 to 2 inches
should look something like this

Step 4: Adding the Water

grap the ball and squeeze where the cut is place it under the faucet and fill it up there will be a air bubble at the top dont worry about its no problem

Step 5: Freeze It

now put it in your freezer for like 5 hours and take it out

Step 6: Finish the Job

now that its frozen take your frozen ball and your exacto and start on the edge of your cut and finish cutting all round the seem and take your ice ball out

Step 7: Done!!!!!

the finished product is an ice ball with almost no flaw yes i did use tap water the reason it stays clear is because the air gets trapped and rises to area of the 2 inch cut..all you have is a little bubble on top clear ice ball with no cracks and no cloudyness hope you enjoyed the instructable please rate