Introduction: Easy Mini Greenhouse

This is an easy indoor mini seed starting hut.

Step 1: Materials:

plastic wrap

cardboard box


trash bag

clear large bag

hot glue gun


Step 2: Cut Flaps Off Box and Start Frame

  1. cut the side flaps off the box
  2. look inside your cardboard and there are small cavities toy can put you chopsticks into. slip your chopsticks into every side
  3. glue down each chopstick so it is sturdy

Step 3:

Step 4: Frame Continued...

  1. glue two chopsticks together and lay them across the top of the frame
  2. glue the chopsticks firmly on to the frame

Step 5: Add the Cover and Sides

  1. put the plastic wrap on all sides except for one
  2. Put plastic(non plastic wrap version) on the side that is not covered
  3. glue the plastic to the top chopstick

Step 6:

Step 7: Move Inside Short Side Flaps

  1. move the short flaps up and glue it to the side of the box

Step 8: Open Up the Inside Flaps

  1. If there is packaging tape cut through it
  2. pull down the flaps on the bottom

Step 9: Take Out the Shoebox

  1. pull apart the shoebox
  2. measure or eyeball the length and width of the bottom of your box
  3. measure the same amount and cut out
  4. make slits in that piece of cardboard

Step 10:

Step 11: Cut Out Another Piece

  1. cut out another piece of the same width but larger length
  2. remove the pull tight thing from trash bag
  3. cover that piece with the trash bag

Step 12: Finishing

attach at a diagonal slant and make sure one side touches 2 bottom corners and one side touches two top corners. glue all sides of the plastic piece to the greenhouse


Step 13: A Look at My Plants

swiss chard

snow peas

tomato sprout

thyme sprout(can't see in picture)

sage sprout (can't see in picture)

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