Introduction: Easy Air Powered Hydroponic System

this is my hydroponic system that is really easy to make because it has no pump. the system delivers water to the plant by using air to force water up the piping to the plant them drains back into the water tank.

Step 1: Materials You Will Need

1.a glass jar

2.a plastic pop bottle.

3.aquarium air pump

4.small plastic tubing 

5.medium plastic tubing 

6.grow medium/ vermiculite, hydro-ton or the equivalent  

Step 2:

cut the bottle in half

Step 3:

cut a hole in the cap of the bottle big enough to fit the medium tubing in it snugly.

Step 4:

put the small tubing in the medium tube 

Step 5:

add water to the glass jar and put your top half into the jar add your grow medium make sure the grow medium covers the top of the tubing to prevent  water from spraying out the top

Step 6:

add your plant 

Step 7:

now put your planter in a nice sunny place and plug in your aquarium air pump and add your nutrients to the water and let it grow.

Step 8:

I started the system with a small pepper plant and after a month the plant took off and now is big and has flowers

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