Introduction: Easy Bow

This bow is an easy project that is fun to play with, and can be made with a few easy things you can find in your backyard and in your garage.

Step 1:

1.stick (can be as long as you want)
4. 2 eye hooks

Step 2: Shaving the Bark

take the knife and run it along the stick digging into the bark.the repeat until no more bark is visible.

Step 3: Cutting the Wood

for this step find the middle of the stick on the side that you want to be the inside, and then go about five inches down.after that mark that spot with the sharpie.then take the sharpie and go about a centimeter down and draw a line down the piece of wood about four inches from the end.repeat on the other side.after that use the knife to cut along the lines

Step 4: Stringing the Bow

for this step you will need scissors, string and your eye hooks.
first cut two pieces of string twice the length of your stick minus a few inches.
then take your two eye hooks, and put the string through them all four pieces on one eye hook.
after that even out the ends and screw the eye hook into on end of the stick, then tie the ends to the other eye hook, and twist the the hook until it is as thick as you want it.
once it is as thick as you want it bend the stick and screw the last eye hook into the end.

CONGRATULATIONS you have made an easy longbow, if you have any questions of comments just ask bellow

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